EC80 PTZ Camera

  • How many cameras can be added to one account? And how many accounts can be shared at the same time for one camera?

    There are no restrictions to add camera always;

    One camera can share 5 accounts at the same time, but note that the version of the mobile app sharing must be consistent.

  • What do you mean by motion detection sensitivity?

    In order to reduce false alarms and missed alarms, five grades are provided for selection. From 1 to 5, 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. The more higher level, and more sensitive it is. Let's try

  • When do I need to reconfigure my network?

    The WiFi name of the device connection has been changed or the linked WiFi cannot be used.

    After the equipment is restored to the factory settings

  • What is the right of the receiver to share?

    The receiver can only view in real time at present, and cannot set and manage the camera. If you think the function is not enough, you can share the main account with your family. Of course, one account can only be used by one mobile phone at the same time, just stagger the use.

  • What is news? How to set up message push?

    1. Message refers to the event message (also known as alarm message) pushed to mobile app in case of abnormal camera environment. 2. Click "my" and "message setting" to open the warning tone. 3. Click "device settings" of the camera, click "alarm" to select alarm conditions, such as: mobile detection alarm on button. If there are different conditions for different devices, please set them according to the actual conditions.

  • What is Internet free viewing? How to use it?

    The no network viewing mode refers to the use without network. The principle of no network viewing is that the camera has its own WiFi hotspot network. The mobile phone can realize no network viewing on the app by connecting the WiFi hotspot of the camera (the limited maximum distance of no network viewing is 30 meters, which can change due to the environment).

    How to use the Internet free viewing mode: 2.1 first switch the device to the AP mode (see the user manual) 2.2 open the mobile app and click the Internet free viewing to enter the Internet free viewing page

    3. Connect the mobile phone to the camera's hotspot WiFi (beginning with ipc365), and then return to app2.4 to find the device and finish adding

    Note that there is a gap between the functions of the Internet free viewing and the Internet viewing, for example, the alarm push function is not available, and this function is only for the use of the Internet free users.

  • Why is the wireless camera useless when the power is turned off?

    Why can't the wireless camera be used when it's unplugged? It should be noted that the "wireless camera" here refers to the wireless network (i.e. WiFi camera). The device itself still needs to be powered on, so you can't use the camera when you unplug the power supply. In order to meet the needs of unplugging and continuing to use, we have launched ec91 wireless camera with built-in battery, hoping to solve your problem,thank you .

  • What is the maximum memory card supported by the camera?

    360eyes series therefore supports 8-128gb memory card, and 256g can also be supported in theory. Because there are too many versions, we will test them differently. If you need to test them yourself.

  • How many video recording modes does the camera support?

    360eyes all series basically support four recording modes, memory card recording, cloud storage recording, computer recording, and mobile real-time recording (some old machines do not support cloud storage temporarily, we will continue to update).

  • Can the video still be played back when the camera is stolen or damaged?

    Cloud storage exists in the cloud. Even if the camera is stolen or broken, it can be played back as long as the cloud storage has not expired and has not been repeatedly covered. Note: because there are storage cycles, if you need to save them, please save them within the covered time to avoid unnecessary loss to you

  • How to delete video recorded by memory card?

    360eyes camera does not support deleting video independently. To delete video, you can only choose to format memory card. In this way, all video will be deleted. In order to avoid loss of formatting, please make a backup. You can record the memory video file to your mobile phone or computer for formatting.

  • What is cloud storage? How to use it?

    Cloud storage is a storage service that replaces memory card. Why do you use cloud storage? Because of its security, you can play back the video even if the device is stolen or the memory card is used for a long time, that is, you can play back the video even if the camera is stolen. We provide 7 days of free storage period of one month, after which you need to purchase the appropriate package. How to start cloud storage Video: click cloud storage Storage Icon - click the video upload switch (you can choose to upload or close) click the settings button - video storage button - choose cloud or cloud card video (cloud card video device temporarily support) how to purchase cloud storage: click on Cloud Storage Icon - purchase cloud storage service - choose the right package - payment (now support WeChat and Alipay payment). Note: cloud storage payment does not support refund service successfully. If the device fails, we provide migration service;

  • Why am I installing 360eyes in the Add Process prompt and let me choose another app?

    You may have downloaded the wrong version. Can you re-download the app on our official website? 


  • How do I get started on my Android phone for camera to work?

    You can refer to our video to explain the addition.

  • How can I play videos recorded on a memory card use my computer? How does it work?

    We have perfected this feature to meet the needs (some older devices do not yet support waiting for an upgrade),

    To implement the memory card file, the computer can play back the steps:

    1. Change the camera encryption mode to the default mode. At this time, ONVIF opens by default. Click the Settings button - Encryption mode - select the default encryption.

    2. Because the video we recorded is in H.264 file format, there are fewer players supported by the market. We have selected a suitable player for you to choose from. You can download and install it on the homepage of the download page.